Even More Paper Prototyping

It seems to become popular: Sven and Antenne already mentioned it in their blogs. Now Akkana Peck has created a small script that allows to do “Paperless Menu Prototyping” using GIMP layers.

Just enter a newline-separated list of words and the script will create an image featuring each word on a layer that can be dragged around. Add some guides for proper alignment, some separators and soon you’ll have a prototype that you can share with others, while keeping everything editable.

Here is how it looks:

Paperless Menu Prototyping

See also Akk’s original post on gimp-developer.

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  1. Membris Khan Says:

    Interesting blog, you are now on my list of feeds 😉

  2. Paper prototyping leads to perfection Says:

    […]To develop a flawless product, for an individual it’s very essential to have the overall idea about the product and for a team to deliver a truly usable application.[…]

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