GIMP on GTK+ 3.0

GIMP on GTK+ 3.0

At the GTK+ Hackfest in A Coruna I managed to get GIMP almost completely (minus one dialog and most plug-ins) running on GTK+ 3.0.

This turned out to be a great tool for finding bugs in the new GTK+. In fact, I found quite a few of them while still completing the port. Some bugs I fixed right away, others were fixed by fellow Hackfest hackers. Even while writing this post (the image was of course cropped with the ported GIMP), two more popped up and will eventually be fixed.

23 Responses to “GIMP on GTK+ 3.0”

  1. Panos Laganakos Says:

    Nice work mate!

  2. Bastien Says:

    Image is 404 though

  3. tretle Says:

    image not found?

  4. Stephen Gentle Says:

    Sounds good, but the image is down!

  5. Alexandre Says:

    Mitch, the screenshot doesn’t work 🙂 Probably because of that Spanish accented “n” character 🙂

  6. Fri13 Says:

    Ironic how GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) needs to be ported to new GTK+ (GIMP ToolKit) version 😉

    As GTK+ was born by GIMP.

  7. Simone Says:

    (unfortunatly the link to the screenshot seems to be broken.)

  8. me Says:

    Where is the image? Link is dead

  9. Ted Says:

    Hey, the link to the image is broken.

  10. omnë Says:

    Your link give me a 404¦

  11. castarco Says:

    why is this blog is updated so little? :p

  12. naesk Says:

    Image error 404 🙁

  13. John Doe Says:

    Hey, it looks like the screenshot didn’t get through. Too bad cause it would be really interresting to see how GIMP with Gtk+3 looks like. At I’m glad to lean that it’s already mostly ported 🙂

  14. Christoph Says:

    I think you made a mistake the image.


  15. Noe Nieto Says:

    Can’t se the screenshot 🙁

  16. Tobias Says:

    The link to the screenshot doesn’t work.

  17. jaume Says:

    The image is not working…

  18. Mirsal Ennaime Says:

    Kudos !

    The Gimp looks like one of the most complicated modules to port to GTK 3.

    PS: The screenshot link seems to be dead 🙁

  19. Mitch Says:

    Yes yes yes I fixed the image now! Thanks 🙂

  20. Henrik Says:

    How about providing a MacOSX binary with GTK+ aqua bindings? That would have been great!

  21. Marco Says:

    Are the changes upstream in trunk ? branches ?
    Or available anywhere else to build it ?

  22. Keith Says:

    I assume this means that recent versions of the GIMP are compilable with GTK+ 3.x?

  23. Al Says:

    Funnily, it’s 2016 and GIMP still uses GTK+ 2 (at least on Arch Linux). What’s wrong?

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